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Site Investigation Equipments

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Collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples is fundamental for geotechnical investigation of civil Engineering Structures. Careful sampling and specimen preparation is important for accurate determination of properties and soil behavior. A range of equipments required for boring, soil sampling and preparing soil samples for laboratory testing. We are offering below some of the equipments.

Sampling and preparation (Soil Auger)

Sampling Outfit, Heavy Duty.

Standard Penetration Test Apparatus.

Split Spoon Sampler Method.

Dynamic Cone Penetration Test Apparatus (As per IS 4968).

Static Cone Penetrometer Hand Operated.

Static Cone Penetrometer Engine Driven.

Static Penetrometers, Dutch sounding methods IS 4968.

In-Situ Vane Shear Test Apparatus.

Plate Bearing Test Equipments.