Engineering and Scientific Laboratory Instruments.

We are manufacturing and offering a wide range of Engineering Educational Equipments mostly required in the Mechanical Department of Engineering Colleges. It is highly accurate, economical, aesthetic & ergonomically designed equipments. It covers a high range of equipments in Theory of Machines Laboratory, Thermodynamics Laboratory, Hydraulics Laboratory, Heat Transfer Laboratory, IC Engine Laboratory, Refrigeration and Air Condition Laboratory, Production Laboratory, Board Models, Cut section Models etc.

Production Engineering

Lathe Tool Dynamometer ( 2 Component).
Lathe Tool Dynamometer ( 3 Component).
Drill Tool Dynamometer .
Milling Tool Dynamometer .
Grinding Tool Dynmometer.

Board Models

Generation of Involute Gear Teeth.
Interference and Unercutting .
Accerman's Steering Gear Mechanism.
Double Hooks Coupling ( Expt. set up ) .

Cut Section Models

Single Cylinder 2- Stroke Petrol engine .
Single Cylinder 4- Stroke Petrol engine .
Single Cylinder 4- Stroke Diesel engine .
Multi Cylinder 4- Stroke Petrol engine .
Multi Cylinder 4- Stroke Diesel engine .


Dead Weight Pressure Gauge Tester.
0 - 20 Kg/ cm2.
0 - 50 Kg /cm2.
Pneumatic Circuit Trainer .
Without Compressor.
With Compressor .
Hydraulic Circuit Trainer .