Bitumen Testing Equipments

The wide range of bitumen testing equipments we offer to clients are used in testing the quality and other properties of bitumen that is used in Highway Engineering . The range offered include:

Standard Penetrometer (ASTM: D5, D217, D637)

Ductility Testing Machine (ASTM: D 113)

Marshal Stability Test Apparatus (ASTM 1559-T62)

Bitumen Extractor (Centrifuge Extractor) (ASTM:D 2172)

Film Stripping Device

Tar Viscometer

Ring and Ball Apparatus (Softening Point Apparatus)

Flash & Fire Point Apparatus (IP-36/57, ASTM-D-92-67)

Benkleman Beam Apparatus

Automatic Soil/ Bituminous Comparator (ASTM D 1559)

Core Drilling Machine

Rock/Concrete Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic Concrete Tester