Aggregate Testing Equipments


With our expertise in the Civil Engineering industry, we offer a wide range of aggregate testing equipments to our clients. These equipments are made as per IS, BS & ASTM standards. Some of the equipments offered under this category include :

Aggregate Impacte Testing Machine

Aggregate Crushing Value Appartus

Vicat Needle Apparatus (BS 4550, ASTM C 187)

Flow Table (BS 4551, ASTM C 230)

Flow Table (ASTM C- 124, AASHO T- 120)

Cement Sampler (As per IS:7535)

Blaine’s Air Permeability Apparatus (ASTM C – 204, BS : 4359 Part II.)

Lea and Nurse Air Permeability Apparatus. (BS : 12, 1370, 146 & 915)

Air Permeability Apparatus (RIGDEN TYPE ) (BS: 4352, Part II, BS :12)

Slump Test Apparatus (BS 5075, ASTM C 143, AASHTP T 119)

Compaction Factor Apparatus (BS 1881:Part 103, BS 5075)

Vee Bee Consistometer(Vibro Consistometer) BS 1881: Part 104

Longitudinal Compressometer

Length Comparator (BS 1881 and BS 6073)

Jolting Apparatus (ASTM C – 349-64)

Sand Absorbption Cone and Tamper (ASTM : C 128, AASHO : T 84)

Tamping Rod (ASTM C-29, AASHO T-29 & T-23)

Tamping Bar

Shrinkage Bar Mould (BS 1377)

Cement Autoclave (ASTM C151)

Heat of Hydration Apparatus (BS 4550)

Le Chatelier Mould Method (BS 6463: Part 4)

Le Chatelier Flask

Gauging Trowel

Standard Spatula

Scoop (Stainless Steel)

Buoyancy Balance

GillMore Needle Apparatus (ASTM C-360)

Kelley Ball Penetration Apparatus (ASTM C-360)

Vibrating Machine